Prices & Booking

You can book the cable for a single session, hour long sessions and even all day sessions for you and your friends. We highly recommend that you book in advance no matter if you are taking one session or a whole day.

Single Session – €8
A 10 minute session on the cable for one rider. Arrive 30 minutes before your time slot to get ready and prepare for your session.

1 Hour Sessions – €35
For groups of friends wanting to hit the cable for an hour session together. Up to 6 riders can take turns riding the cable. Ensure you arrive 45 minutes before the start of the session for all members of the group to be fitted with all the kit you need.

Half Day Session – 5 hours – Contact for details
For large groups of friends or small company events. 5 hours of cable time for a maximum of 20 riders taking turns. Arrive a minimum of 1 hour prior to your cable time to get everyone set up with equipment.

Full Day Sessions – 10 hours – Contact for details
For Larger company events and those that just love to ride cable. Excellent for organising camps and events for up to 40 people to ride the cable. Arrive 1 hour prior to your cable time to get everyone set up with equipment

Season Pass – €380
Unlimited riding in available slots throughout the whole season. Get yourself an €80 discount when buying before 1st May each season.

Extra Services available; BBQ, Animation Programs, Lessons and more.